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Monday, November 15, 2010


I just finished reading Peter Cline's book Ex-Heroes and I'm here to heartily recommend it.

It's a cross-genre zombie/superhero novel, but it is, frankly, absolutely awesome.

If you're a fan of zombie novels (and who isn't?) or a fan of gritty superhero genre, then this book is absolutely going to please.

I should write half as well as Cline does.

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Light Of An Oncoming Train

Just a "bye the bye", but my story "The Light of an Oncoming Train" is out today at Bewildering Stories (

Just thought you'd all like to know.

This is the introductory story for my character Quentin Dallas who is rapidly turning into one of those characters who is the most fascinating and whom you want to listen tell you his stories over and over again.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Stories Up On Stanza

My short stories The Interview and Knock On Wood are available for Stanza from Smashwords. If you have Stanza installed, just search the Smashwords catalog for "Ellis" and you'll find them (and me). My Fire On The Suns: New Technology, Volume I is also available.

I'm working on the novel Third Pulse, which will almost assuredly go up at Smashwords within a month or two, for NaNoWriMo (the original aim was for Gated, but a recent incident with my iPad resulted in the iCard Sort outline going to data heaven), and if I do not hear from Tyree Campbell at Sam's Dot Publishing within a week or so Hatchings will be released there too.

On a good note, I finally figured out what the problem was between my iPad and my netbook and got the two of them synching up again. It turns out that the netbook had apparently lost the pathway to the Apple iPad driver and I had to reinstall it.

Now, back to work on Third Pulse, which is coming along nicely - so far.