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Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Job, New Stories, New Paths

It's been awhile (again) since I posted, but in the meantime there have been several new developments in my life and career.

First off, in the last 3 months I've published the short stories Survival, Infection, Showdown, and A Day In The Life to Smashwords, Amazon and PubIt! These are some of the best stories I've ever done, I think.

I've pushed the novel Fire On The Suns to almost 54 thousand words and the Kon'tai-Py'ron war is erupting, the Py'ron I'an is in the hands of a mad emperor, the Swarm is in the process of being completely destroyed by a mysterious and unknown enemy, and the Terran Federal Republic is finding itself caught up in an inextricable web of interstellar diplomacy and deception as it is drawn deeper into the Kon'tai-Py'ron conflict. Meanwhile, the Py'ron plot to smash the Kon'tai and drive back the Kon'tai's Terran allies by bringing in the Hee'Dra on their side of the war, and the Saurian Confederation (working name) has embarked on an expedition against the Arachnids (working name) far on the other side of the TFR. War has come to the local region of the galaxy, a war that will gradually draw in all of the known powers and many unknowns and which will leave the region forever changed.

Third Pulse has been pushed to just under 28 thousand words. Our hero Max is beginning to raise his own army to combat the sinister designs of the villain Blood Wyrm. But Blood Wyrm has plans of his own and, in a move to capture Max, has confronted and trapped him, alone, in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Against overwhelming odds, Max is fighting a desperate battle against a multitude if villains and minions, hoping his friends and allies can reach him in time.

Gated is currently sitting at 12 thousand words or so while I focus on other projects such as the short stories The Bar (zombies), another story of the 416th Space Marines Pathfinders Regiment, and a follow-up to my old story Knock On Wood.

In more, um, personal news, I've just been hired by a new employer after almost 7 months out of work. This is one of those dream jobs, a technical writing position paying $15/hour which is better pay than I've made since 2007 and excellent pay for the area I'm living in now. Plus, it's a regular M-F schedule the likes of which I haven't worked since 2002.

You might also say I'm pursuing something of a relationship with someone I'm deeply interested in. Whether or not she's as deeply interested in this, um, pursuit, remains to be seen, but I have my fingers crossed.

So, needy to say, I've been a bit busy over the last couple of months and look forward to being just as busy over the next several.

I'll try to post more often, but that will depend fully on how things go down the road (I always try, I rarely, it seems, actually succeed).