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Monday, December 14, 2009

Starting Again

I haven't been up here longer than anticipated because last November 4th my 15-year-old dog, whose name was Shadow, died suddenly.

It came as a tremendous shock since I had to rush him to the vet and then make the tremendously hard decision to put him down because he was in such tremendous pain. I don't know if any of you have ever heard a dog scream, but it is a terribly heart-wrenching sound. Since this boy had been with me since he was 13 weeks old, it was also gut-wrenching and a terribly difficult thing for me to do personally.

I've watched relatives die with less personal pain.

Having to put down a personal friend was a tremendously difficult decision.

So I had to take some time off and figure out who I was and where I was in my personal life.

Nevertheless, I'll be getting along with the business of this blog site in the very near future as time and situations allow. Naturally, I'll be drawing from my postings at Absolute Write as inspiration for my posts here.

I hope you all had nice Thanksgiving in that you're all going to have a Merry Christmas. Despite all the hardship and the heartache I too had a nice Thanksgiving and will have a Merry Christmas.

By the way I'm writing this using Dragon Naturally Speaking which is a wonderful program which I purchased today for about 40 bucks at WalMart where, as many of you know, I'm currently working as electronics department supervisor, what used to be known as a department manager.

DNS is a great program so far as I've seen so far and is a wonderful tool for writers and bloggers as well. There's a bit of training that has to be done for the program, but damn is it nice.

I have written the entirety of this blog, with the exception of a few edits, entirely using Dragon Naturally Speaking.

I hope you'll all try DNS and I hope you all have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'll see you all first of the year with new blog entries. Thanks for everyone who has been following this blog and will get back into things at the first of the year.

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