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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Story To Be Published

I just received word today that my story The Light Of An Oncoming Train is going to be published by Bewildering Stories. Both Don Webb and Bill Bowler (Managing Editor and Publisher) at BWS replied to my query from Thursday regarding the status of this story.

While BWS is a non-paying market, it is probably one of the best exposure markets going on the web today in y not so humble opinion. I've had 2 other stories published by BWS in the past (The Meadow and Knock On Wood) so I am justifiably proud of the stories that have appeared there. I think The Light Of An Oncoming Train is one of my best (and the Horror Hounds over at Absolute Write seem to think so as well) and it introduces a character, Quentin Dallas, who has become one of my favorites. I currently have 2 additional Quentin Dallas stories written and another 2 in the works so I expect you'll see more of him in the future.

You can visit BWS at

I'll be letting everyone know here and elsewhere when the story goes up on BWS's schedule.

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