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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Publishing On Smashwords

I just published one of my older short stories, Knock On Wood, on Smashwords. You can grab it here for $0.99,

I think...

I've been reading Dean Wesley Smith's blog of late and finally decided, based on the fact that he had pubb'd several short stories at Smashwords at $0.99 each, that it was time I dipped my foot in the water as well. Maybe, if I get a few hits, it'll hep me plant my lazy butt in the seat of the chair once again and finally finish a few dozen things that have been lingering for far too long.

I have several additional short stories coming out soon. A some of you know, there's The Light Of An Oncoming Train which will first see the light (pardon the pun) of day over at Bewildering Stories on November 8th. Ninety days after that the story's mine again and I'll be pubb'ing it at Smashwords as well - for $0.99 as well (so consider the pub at BWS your chance to read the story for free). In the meantime, however, I'll be publishing After Action Report and Any Minute Now and maybe a couple more stories at Smashwords.

With any luck at all, shortly after NaNoWriMo, I'll be publishing Third Pulse, a novel (superhero genre), with Smashwords (and quite possibly my FOTS (Fire On The Suns) novel as well if I can get off my lazy duff and finish the last 25k words of the first book)

I may or may not be publishing Hatchings through Smashwords, but I might do this via PubIt if a certain publisher does not answer my multiple queries within a week to 10 days or so. Certainly I will if I don't hear from him by Christmas (when your website promises 2-4 weeks for a review of a partial and then 4-6 weeks for a second review by other editors and you've waited months for any kind of response other than "We're reading it this week" (back in June when the partial was submitted in April) it seems to me I've exercised considerable patience).

Anyway, go to and buy the story. I could use the ego-boo (not to mention a couple of bucks to buy a beer with and give me some incentive to keep on writing).

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