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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Stories Live On Amazon Kindle

Yes, I'm spamming my blog (can you do that?) to let all of you know that I currently have 5
stories live on Amazon Kindle. Two of them are directly related to FOTS as they
take place in a slightly-modified universe from the standard game's.

The current list is as follows,

The Light Of An Oncoming Train (Quentin Dallas, PI story)
After Action Report (FOTS story)
Code Of Law (FOTS story)
Knock On Wood
Any Minute Now (Quentin Dallas, PI story)

You can find them by searching for G.W. Ellis or here,\

All of the stories are $0.99 except for Code Of Law which is $1.99.

I'm still working on the FOTS novel and it's looking like I might have to
completely rewrite the 45 thousand words I've got done on it thus far as the
first few chapters are total crap, but my SF novel HATCHINGS will be coming out
as soon as the cover artist gets the cover done.

Anyway, go ye forth and vote and vote often - I mean buy, and BUY often.


P.S. After action Report seems to be my most popular story thus far. Its highest
ranking was all the to around 40k on Amazon Kindle's Paid Rankings yesterday
(it's around 91k today).

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