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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fiddling With FOTS Ship Models

I've been fiddling around with several models for the ships in the Fire On The Suns novels. Here's 3 renderings I did for a Pyronian (Py'ron Ian) battlecruiser (BC),

The first one was done with full sun and two point lights. For the next two I decreased the light power. The basic design is correct for the Pyronians. I need to work on the Starfire system designs for these ships and then work out the model design for their cousins, the Kontairu (Kon'tai Ru) as the sphere on a string design just doesn't cut it against this (and, since the Kon'tai are a cousin species to the Py'ron, originating from the same evolutionary line, I'd think their ship designs would be similar if not nearly identical (the Kon'tai would have been influenced by the Terrans and the Py'ron possibly by the Q'Tez and Machines, however)..


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